Key Players

The Office of Public Works (OPW) is the lead agency for flood risk management in Ireland.

The OPW appointed RPS as lead consultant in relation to the South Eastern CFRAM Study.

The Local Authorities in the South Eastern district include:

  • Carlow Council;
  • Wexford County Council;
  • Kilkenny County Council;
  • Waterford City and County Council;
  • Laois County Council;
  • Tipperary County Council;
  • Kildare County Council;
  • Offaly County Council;
  • Wicklow County Council;
  • Limerick County Council;
  • Cork County Council

The OPW, RPS and the Local Authorities in the South Eastern district will work in close partnership to deliver the objectives of the CFRAM Programme.

It is the duty of all public authorities, public bodies and organisations to exercise their functions in a manner which is consistent with the provisions of the Floods Directive and which achieves or promotes compliance with the requirements of the Floods Directive.

In addition, consultation and engagement with the public and all interested parties is critical to the successful implementation of the Floods Directive.

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